Re: FCB1010 first steps w/UnO chip and total desesperation


Unless there's something that you use in S1 that nobody else has, any of the three DAWs that I use - Reaper, LIVE! or even Cakewalk - can be used for FREE. 

Reaper is fully functional and apart from the nag screen on loading, is FREE until you feel like paying them the (very reasonable) $60 registration. It has HUNDREDS of excellent video tutorials, a large and helpful community and is regularly updated. The routing options are virtually limitless!
Apart from the Loop functions in LIVE! (see below), I've never found anything I couldn't do in Reaper, though TBH, my needs are pretty simple - play, record. 
If it has a weakness, it's that there's so much you can do, it can be overwhelming. For instance, Using a utility called ReaRoute, I can integrate LIVE! and the APCmini loop matrix controller for using the Loop matrix in LIVE!, and it feels like it's all one program with two distinct UIs. There's a way to integrate the very cheap Korg nanoKontrol2 (what I use) as a UI controller so that it feels like an actual recording console with physical knobs and sliders.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE Reaper?

LIVE! has a FREE version that's only limited in the number of tracks and sends. If you're into synths, loops or EDM LIVE! it's the live performance king. It also has great HW integration with reasonably priced controllers like AKAI APCmini (what I use). LIVE! also has a lot of tutorials and a large and helpful community. Their support is excellent. It can also utilize the Korg nanoKontrol2, which has a setting for use with LIVE!

Cakewalk is FREE and unlimited, but less straightforward to use. It was my first DAW, and I have an irrational nostalgic connection to it.
It's pretty.
I just installed the latest version, and it still has quirks and bugs that remind me why I prefer Reaper.
It took me a few minutes to remember the workarounds, but AT4 with MIDI works fine.
The Korg also works with Cakewalk.

Of course, there's a learning curve when you start with a new DAW, but while you watch the tutorials you can be playing your guitar with Amplitube and controlling it with your FCB.

Something worth considering.

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