Re: FCB1010 first steps w/UnO chip and total desesperation


Place the attached midimonitor.dll in your C:\Program Files\VstPlugins folder (it's 64bit).
Make sure that path is in the Reaper VST Scan settings (Preferences>Plug-ins>VST).
Make sure your MIDI Interface is enabled in Reaper Preferences>MIDI Devices.
Put Amplitube on your Audio Track - in Reaper the track type is defined by the Input - if it's an input from your Audio Interface it's an Audio Track. If it's an input from your MIDI Interface it's a MIDI Track.
Put the MIDI Monitor on the Audio Track. It's in the VSTi list.
Route your MIDI track to the Audio Track.

The attached screenshot should fill in all the blanks.
You'll know it's set up correctly when you see the FCB's output in the MIDI Monitor, which is on the Audio track with the AT4 VST.
MIDI in AT4 should now work just like in the Standalone.


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