Re: Best chip for FCB1010 for controlling Mobius

Gord Sellar

Does anyone know if the FCB-505 chip is likely to work well with the
Boss RC-600? I was thinking of picking that up soon and there's
someone in my area selling an FCB-1010 for very cheap, and assuming
it's functional it'd be cool.

(Alternately, I assume I could use an UNO chip or something and just
program it to do the same?)

Happy Holidays all!

On Sat, Dec 25, 2021 at 11:18 AM Erdöl Biramen <SwissStudios@...> wrote:

There is indeed a chip FCB-505 specifically for RC-505

So therefore, as I I am trying to figure out how good a substitute the other chips would be for the FC -505 or whether the FCB-505 is must-have for RC-505 (which would mean me having to buy a second FCB1010 to use with the FCB-505 chip as I will certainly use the FCB1010 I already own with TinyBox)

Merry X-mas

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