Re: Best chip for FCB1010 for controlling Mobius

Gord Sellar

Well, I was thinking of using it to control effects in the RC600... and/or maybe patch changes in my synth, since I will be using a wind controller with an old-fashioned rack mount synth. I have a different midi pedal I can use for patch changes but the more I can get on pedal controller to do for me, the less stuff I’ll need to haul around. 

So yeah, probably a good idea to go with the Uno2.


On Sun, Dec 26, 2021 at 5:00 AM ossandust <ossan.dust@...> wrote:
Correct - the FCB-505 firmware is very dedicated firmware to make the FCB1010 a foot controller for the RC-505, so if the RC-600 can be directly foot-controlled, it's a better idea to use the FCB1010 for controlling other devices.
With UnO2 you have full flexibility so then you have the option to control all devices, including the RC600, simultaneously with a single switch press. 

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