Re: Uno2 problems buying

Bill Dack

Hi Ossandust,  I am even more confused now regarding how to cable the FCB up now for a test. I copied the website instructions below and a photo of the interface I am using to connect to the Katana and GP-10.

  • Connect a MIDI cable from MIDI OUT on the FCB1010 to MIDI IN on the interface
  • Connect another MIDI cable from MIDI OUT on the interface to MIDI IN on the FCB1010
  • Choose the correct MIDI IN and MIDI OUT port in the dropdown boxes with detected MIDI ports.
  • Make sure the global "MIDI merge" option is activated in the FCB1010.
  • Click the 'Test' button.
  • If the test succeeds, you can proceed with the purchase of the UnO2 firmware

 This seems to be different from before for some reason, can you give me some idea how to use my Roland Um-one cable with the above instructions. 
 Oh  before I go there was a small box in my browser that restricted Midi flow. I have unchecked it but I have not tried the test yet till I hear from you.

Thanking you Bill

On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 1:01 AM ossandust <ossan.dust@...> wrote:
can you give more details about "something about the dump file" ? 
If you use the MIDI monitor application which you can download for the connection check, you will see exactly how the UnO2 editor will behave on your setup. Therefore it's a good thing you can't get past this check to buy software which would not work for you. 
If you give the exact error message I can check what might be the issue.

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