Re: Guitar Rig


If all you need to do is call presets and use the expression pedals, the Factory defaults should work.
Set GR5 to receive MIDI on Channel 1.
You need a MIDI Monitor to verify that the FCB is sending the proper MIDI for whatever you need.
If you plan to get fancy I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you spring for the UNO_ControlCenter Editor.

FCB/UnO Control Center for the Behringer FCB1010

For $25 it'll save you hours of frustrating button pushing and has a built-in MIDI Monitor.

I'm guessing that you want buttons 1-10 to EMULATE a Taurus pedal by sending MIDI NOTE messages to some sort of bass synth. This is entirely possible and simple to do with the aforementioned editor. You can set up one bank for that and another to send Toggling CC#s for controlling the ON/OFF status of the GR5 FX.
That will leave you with access to 80 GR5 Presets.

I can help you to configure these things, but only if you have the editor. If you want to do it manually you'll need to consult the FCB manual. When I got my FCB 12 years ago it took me all of 1 hour to abandon that method and get the editor.

You'll also need a compatible MIDI DIN to USB Interface unless your AI has built-in MIDI Ports (Scarlett and most others work).
Not all MIDI DIN to USB Interfaces will work to pass "sysex" messages required for using an editor. I recommend this one:

AmazonSmile: iConnectivity mio 1-in 1-out USB to MIDI Interface for Mac and PC : iConnectivity: Musical Instruments

but the Roland UM1 and some others will also work. The really cheap ones usually don't work. Check here before buying.

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