Re: Guitar Rig 5 as plug-in in Cubase Elements 11


I just spent several hours on this. Not because I love you, but because I refuse to be bested by demonic digital douchery.
Did I mention that I HATE Steinberg - HW, SW, websites, anything Stenberg?

I spent some time comparing versions. As far as I can tell you can no longer DL v11 from their site.
I Dl'd v12 Pro, which appears minimally different from Elements, which appears minimally different from v11.

I watched the video you referenced. That guy is an IDIOT and should NOT be allowed to make instructional videos!
"I'm gonna do it this way though you could probably also do it that way but I THINK it'll be OK if I do it this way..."
After wasting hours trying to do it his way I finally realized that about 2/3 thru the video he finally got around to explaining how to do it the easy way, which took him about 1/10 the time it took to show everybody the hardest, most limiting way to sort of accomplish the goal!


OK, remember how I told you to do it, the way every major DAW does it - create a MIDI track to bring in the signal from your controller, then route it to the audio track with your VST? Yes, that's how you do it in Cubase too, but with certain caveats. Attached is a screenshot of the configuration, and I'll try to explain the nuances.

First, I don't have GR5 installed on my office computer, so I used THU for the "experiment". It should work the same for GR5.

1 - Turn off and remove ALL instances and configurations of Quick Controls and Control Surfaces any and everywhere that fool had you trying them in your project. He doesn't mention until the latter part of the video that they conflict with the normal way of doing this. After you've got it working you can play around with adding those back to see what breaks what.

2 - Elements doesn't HAVE a MIDI Monitor. Make sure you've used a standalone MIDI Monitor to verify what's coming out of your FCB.

3 - Configure your FCB by selecting your MIDI Interface (Studio 24c?). Somewhere in the Cubase UI will be an indicator that shows when the program (NOT the specific track) is receiving MIDI. In v12 PRO it's in the lower right corner. You'll know it's making it's way to the track because it will trigger the track's level indicator.

Now configure the MIDI track to RECEIVE from your MIDI Interface (mine is called MIO in the screenshot) and to SEND it's signal on to GR5.

***NOTE that the MONITOR switch on the MIDI track needs to be ON.***

That should get it! MIDI LEARN in GR5 should work the same as in the standalone version.

Just for the record, I HATE Steinberg - HW, SW, websites, anything Stenberg.

Did I mention that before?

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