Re: Guitar Rig 5 as plug-in in Cubase Elements 11


I started long ago with Cakewalk, got screwed by Gibson's "Lifetime Subsciption" scam and switched to Reaper. Although Cakewalk was eventually revived by Bandlab as a FREE DAW, they've never fixed some of the minor annoyances and Reaper just works. I also use Ableton LIVE if I'm messing around with Loops, and route LIVE's audio into Reaper with ReaRoute. FWIW - Reaper has the best instructional videos out there and a very active and helpful Forum.

I guess what bugs me about Steinberg is their attitude, especially with regard to the VST standard.
"OH, yeah, now that you've spent a decade or two creating projects using VST2, we're not going to support it anymore so if you want to do Program Changes with the NEW IMPROVED VST3 in the plugins you've been using for years tell those lazy plugin developers to get with the program and put in the work to do it THE STEINBERG WAY because THE STEINBERG WAY IS THE ONLY WAY!" 
Bite me!

And I just don't like Cubase.

It's possible that Yamaha has been a good influence on them, at least in the support area. I'm a long time Line6 guy (currently have and use Helix Floor, HX Stomp, Catalyst100 amp, PC212+ cab, Helix Native plugin) and L6 support is THE BEST!  

I know, I sound like a crazy person, but they (Steinberg) really are the only company that I feel this way about. Well, I'm not fond of AVID either, mostly for their subscription model. Also, for buying part of M-Audio and dropping support for my (new at the time) M-Audio Interface. That hurt because back then I had no money and couldn't just switch horses. There's also a lot of people who were upset with them over dumping support for the 11Rack, leaving them with a boat anchor in their racks! Since it was integrated into ProTools, that was a double kick in the butt for a lot of people.

And I just don't like ProTools.

Anyhow, hope you get it straightened out. If you follow the instructions I sent and look at the screenshot carefully you should be up and running in no time!

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