Re: Guitar Rig 5 as plug-in in Cubase Elements 11


On Wed, Jul 27, 2022 at 06:05 PM, AthosOrthodoxMetal wrote:
Jason and I had so many issues with Avid/Pro Tools and also Bandlab that we made an agreement that if we are ever on the phone working on a music project and we suddenly become overly frustrated and need to end the session, our safe word would be Avid or Bandlab!
I Love It!

Here's a further laugh on Cakewalk. They originally had a version "specifically" for guitar.
With my brand-new M-Audio Interface and my FCB1010/UNO I set about to create the first step in my plan to have the ultimate multifx unit with GR2 and AT2 controlled by the FCB. After hacking at Cakewalk for Guitar for days I contacted support (they had really good support before the demons at Gibson bought them). After a week of trying, they couldn't get MIDI to the VSTs either. They GAVE me a free license for the FULL product, which worked fine with MIDI to VST.

FWIW - my 3rd gen Scarlett 18i20 has never given me a spot of trouble. But then, I've been a PC Tech and Windows user since Windows was a shell on top of DOS, so there's probably lots of things I do to my computers that the average user doesn't.

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