Re: MIDI Learn With Jeff Loomis VST in Live Mode to FCB1010


It would be helpful if you provided small details like - MAC or PC? OS Version? DAW brand/version?

Without that I can only make guesses.

On your studio COMPUTER, are you sure that you're using the VST2 version, as VST3 does not allow PC messages unless the VST creator does a special dance for Steinberg.

I DL'd the VST and after the requisite song and dance with iLOK (iLOK = EVIL) I ran it on my office computer with Reaper (worked fine) and Ableton (the VST is such a resource hog it won't even load).

I then transferred the iLOK license (iLOK = EVIL) to my studio computer (much more powerful). My MIDI controller in the studio is my Helix. The VST will apparently "learn" whatever the first message it receives is and since Helix automatically sends Bank change (CC#0) before it sends a PC message, Helix won't work with this VST (works with every other VST under the sun).

So I went back to the office and got my FCB, which works fine with with my studio computer in both Reaper and Ableton using the VST2 but the VST3 will not accept PC messages. Thank you Steinberg.

So the best guess I can make without more details from you is that you're using the VST3 on your studio computer.

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