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I can explain all of that, and I may even still have example presets somewhere, but below are some things you should consider.

Where MIDI control is concerned, the difference between AT and GR (and most other amp sims) is that for GLOBAL FX Bypass AT uses CC Value 127 = OFF; CC Value 0 = ON. Most other amp sims use the opposite. Both (and most others) can be reversed on a PER PRESET basis.

IOW - you can use a single Bank or, in the case of UNO, a single configuration, for both, but one would be using the easier GLOBAL settings and the other would have to be configured PER PRESET.

With the stock chip it doesn't much matter because the BYPASS switch LEDs behave the same way as any other Preset select switches because they ARE Preset select switches.You step on the FS the LED turns ON and it sends Value1. Step on it again and the LED remains on while it sends Value 2. Step on another switch and the LED for the first switch goes out AND IT RESETS TO SEND VALUE 1 AGAIN ON NEXT PRESS. It'll work, but not really optimal when using it for multiple FX.

That's an important distinction, as it is a main consideration for getting the UNO chip. With UNO, one row of switches sends CC (BYPASS) and the other sends PC (program/preset change). When you press a STOMP (CC/BYPASS) switch the LED turns ON and it sends Value 1. Press again and it sends Value 2 and the LED goes OFF. Also, while FS1 is ON you can press FS2 and FS will REMAIN ON and remember what message it sent last. ESSENTIAL for using multiple FX.

While both chips can be programmed manually, that is a ROYAL PITA! 
Fortunately, both chips can be programmed using a graphical UI.
The stock chip has at least two FREE editors.
UNO (above v 1.0.2) requires a PAID editor called UNO_ControlCenter (author is also the creator of the UNO chip).
It's only around $25 and well worth the expense, as it is far superior to either of the two FREE editors.
It can also be used with the stock chip as well as UNO.

You, however, did NOT purchase the UNO chip, you purchased the UNO2 chip. While MUCH more powerful/flexible than the UNO chip (same creator) - any FS in any Bank can do anything you want it to do - it is programmed with an actual code editor using actual code, NOT a graphical UI. How are your coding skills?

There's lots of other differences, but these are your main considerations.

I'll post this same reply in the UNO thread as it relates to both of your questions.

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