Re: Programming


You started out wanting to control Amplitube and Guitar Rig. That's not the same as controlling your DAW. And different DAWs use different commands.
In any case, there are multiple parameters of each that can be controlled. Using a single Bank to control the basic DAW functions is easy enough.
An amp sim has not only many possible parameters that differ from one to another (as I pointed out in reference to AT vs GR), but also anywhere from 100 presets that can be recalled using the stock chip in its default configuration to 128 presets in each of multiple Banks (if possible in the specific amp sim) using UNO2.

My recommendation: Sit down with pen and paper (yes, old school) and write out, in detail, what you want each switch in each bank to do in what application. Only with that info can ANYONE make a logical recommendation re what chip you'll need to accomplish your goals. As is, your goal is too nebulous and undefined.

Of course, as stated by myself and others, UNO2 can do it all, but are you ready to take on the coding challenge? You might want to DL the UNO2 User Guide/manual to get an idea of what that entails.

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