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borisolgauk <bowmanr@...>


Fantastic. Thanks for that. I can confirm that they currently have
some in stock. 99GBP + 5GBP delivery.

Thanks for the info.


PS: Please excuse the silly borisolgauk name thing, could not get
anything sensible so opted for something silly.

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On Thursday 07 March 2002 8:35 am, you wrote:
Does anyone know anywhere (in the UK) that actually has these in
stock please.

I've tried all over the place in London (Denmark St, Brixton Music
Ac., Digital Village, Pro Music Tech) and the South East
Guitar + Amp, Eddie Moore's). Even SoundsLive don't have them
(according to their email after I placed an order for one).

Any ideas please?
I believe Johnny Roadhouse do in Manchester - two folks on the list
bought one from there in the past week. 0161 273 3069.
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