Graphic display software to show virtual FCB1010 on monitor

Mike Watkinson

Hi all - I am looking for a piece of software that will let me design a virtual image of the FCB1010 with text next to each switch, and lights that go on and off to match the FCB1010 lights. It should also support the ability to change switch text and light behaviour by patch. It would also need virtual footpedal of course :)
MainStage sort of does some of this but not the ability to change text or light behaviour from one patch to the next.
(btw I’m an UnO2 user)

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It took me a minute to find the slider in the controller, but I have it figured out now and the preset saved! You rock! Next, I'm going to assign a pedal to control both gains in my main heavy preset (it's a split mix). Now I'll be geeking out and controlling all kinds of things with these pedals. Thanks so much for your help on this.


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Okay thanks. I will look at that right now and see if I can figure it out. I did think that there was a way to right click and learn. I think I agree that programming it through GR would be simpler. 

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On Sat, Jun 4, 2022 at 09:01 AM, AthosOrthodoxMetal wrote:
After that I pull down the list under Menu and that allows me to assign what will be controlled by the pedal. I have to go back and watch the FCB tutorial videos again on this part because this is where I am getting stuck. 
Or you can right click the object (knob,switch etc) that you want to assign and select LEARN from there.

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It's a good idea to create a new "Category" for your modified/custom Presets. I call mine "My Presets" because I'm such a creative guy :-) .
There's two ways to limit the range when using an expression pedal. One is to reduce the upper setting of the pedal itself from 127 to ? in the FCB settings for the FCB Preset that you use to call your GR preset. Finding the necessary MIDI Value will be purely trial and error.
The problem there is that the pedal is limited in ALL applications, and complicates things if you change the GR preset which that FCB preset calls.
The better solution is to limit the range in the GR Controller itself using the slider in the controller, which makes it possible to save the range of that controller (if it's not LOCKED/GLOBAL) per GR preset. The exact setting you'll need to get "7" (or whatever) will be purely trial and error, but the visual nature of the slider should make it easier to arrive at than guessing at MIDI Values.

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Thanks, EJ. Again, I apologize for delayed responses, as it takes me awhile to get through my emails and messages in here during the work week. 

I agree that the manuals suck on these. I have actually learned far more by chatting with people like you and by watching YT videos. Plus, my friend Mark is a tech wizard and knows a lot about gear. He's the one who first turned me on to GR. I will keep bugging him for help too and have him remote in when he has time. The master gain and master volume I was referring to are indeed the global control settings at the top. I did figure that one out through trial and error.  I had never adjusted those in the past. I figured out how to go into GR Options and add a controller and then click Learn and then move the expression pedal I'd like to assign. After that I pull down the list under Menu and that allows me to assign what will be controlled by the pedal. I have to go back and watch the FCB tutorial videos again on this part because this is where I am getting stuck. 

First, I have to assign the expression pedal to a master volume or a distortion knob (on an amp or rack unit) in order to have the capability to control that specific function. I am able to do that part, but what I'm struggling with is the threshold values I want to assign. For example, let's say I want the pedal to function as a straight up volume pedal. I find the amp or volume knob I want to control. Let's say its currently set at 7. Once I assign the expression pedal to control it, the pedal does turn that knob up and down, but it turns it from 0-10. I want it to turn the volume from 0-7: heel down being 0 and toe down being 7. I saw in a video somewhere how to do this. I just need to find it again. 

Once I figure that out, I think I need to save this in GR as a new preset, since it's now modified. I do have other questions, but I will stop here and approach these one at a time to avoid confusion. I thank you again for your assistance.


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As mentioned previously, spend the $25 for UNO_ControlCenter and read the manual.

FCB/UnO Control Center for the Behringer FCB1010

I'm going to be brutally honest here.
Once upon a time, computer amp sims were so far ahead of hardware that even with the additional costs of more powerful computers, interfaces for audio and midi, controllers, etc etc, they were worth it. That is no longer the case.

The primary value of computer amp sims today is for convenient re-amping of recorded DI tracks which can often be created concurrently when recording effected tracks while using the modeler as the ASIO interface.

Hardware modelers, even the cheap ones such as Ampero and NUX ($200-$400), and certainly the much better and only slightly more expensive ones like Headrush MX5 and Line6 PodGo ($400-$600) are just as good and MUCH easier to use than computer sims. If they have DIN connectors for MIDI, they can even be controlled by your FCB! (functionality varies - DL and read the manuals before buying!). A used Line6 Helix LT can be obtained for <>$800 and - BONUS - it's MIDI capabilities are greater than the FCB even with the UNO2 Chip!

That said, I can help you with specific questions concerning use of GR5, but please be very specific. The user manuals suck, especially when it comes to MIDI, but they're still required reading, if only as a first reference. The MIDI implementation in GR5 is one of the best and most complex out there.

"...even after I get the pedal to work and then leave the preset, the master gain and master volume are now changed in every preset."

There's a MASTER output volume at the top of the UI that controls the Output Volume of the entire rig. This is GLOBAL. If you change it that affects EVERY preset.
I'm not sure what you mean by "master gain". If you're referring to the INPUT level at the top of the UI, setting that to a MIDI controller is pointless, as it's purpose is to set a level that won't overload the INPUT stage of GR5, and is most useful when switching from, say, single coil to humbucker guitars. I normally just leave that at it's default (50% IIRC) and make those adjustments from the Audio Interface.

Most every amp has a MASTER Volume. This is NOT GLOBAL. Changes ONLY affect THAT amp/effect in THAT preset.
If you assign a MIDI CC to the MASTER Volume (or any parameter of any effect) and then LOCK the controller, that then makes the assignment GLOBAL to THAT amp or effect. That means that any time you include that amp or effect in a preset it will automatically be controlled by that MIDI CC# and the settings in that controller. However, if you change the parameter setting in a preset (GAIN from 2 to 5 for instance) and SAVE the preset, that change ONLY applies to THAT preset. 
IOW - the LOCKED MIDI assignment is GLOBAL, but the actual setting in a given preset is not.

I hope that makes sense and is helpful.

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Wow, thanks for your swift reply. Sorry, I haven't even checked for replies to my question until today. I guess I need to look into the Uno more. I hear a lot of good things about that chip, but I have yet to do much research into it. I figured out how to program the expression pedals (sort of). The problem I'm having is that I'm not saving anything properly, so when I leave to go to another preset and then come back, the pedals are no longer controlling anything. The other issue I'm having is more Guitar Rig specific. One of the things I'd like to do is use one expression pedal as a volume pedal and the other to control gain. I went into Options and assigned the pedals to Master Gain and Master Volume. I know I'm not programming/understanding how to properly set the threshold because even after I get the pedal to work and then leave the preset, the master gain and master volume are now changed in every preset. I didn't realize those controls were universal through everything in my rack. Even as I type in my questions here, I am confusing myself LOL! So I'm thinking I must use other volume and gain controls in the rack to control these functions. Also I need to learn to program the volume/gain threshold from 0-whatever the desired setting is rather than 0-127. Thanks again for your help.

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It now works fine, thanks !

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Thanks à lot !

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UNO sysex attached.
Set AT to receive on MIDI Channel 1.
The main difference between GR and AT is that by default, AT reverses the standard MIDI Toggling CC Values from 0=OFF/127=ON to 127=ON/0=OFF.

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Hello you all  🙂
The way to configuré fcb1010 also interest me.  I own one with the UnO 1.0.4 chip.  I also bought FCB/UnO Control Center.
I can't figure out how to configure it to use with Amplitube 5...
I guess it would be similar to GR5.
Thanks in advance 😉


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If all you need to do is call presets and use the expression pedals, the Factory defaults should work.
Set GR5 to receive MIDI on Channel 1.
You need a MIDI Monitor to verify that the FCB is sending the proper MIDI for whatever you need.
If you plan to get fancy I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you spring for the UNO_ControlCenter Editor.

FCB/UnO Control Center for the Behringer FCB1010

For $25 it'll save you hours of frustrating button pushing and has a built-in MIDI Monitor.

I'm guessing that you want buttons 1-10 to EMULATE a Taurus pedal by sending MIDI NOTE messages to some sort of bass synth. This is entirely possible and simple to do with the aforementioned editor. You can set up one bank for that and another to send Toggling CC#s for controlling the ON/OFF status of the GR5 FX.
That will leave you with access to 80 GR5 Presets.

I can help you to configure these things, but only if you have the editor. If you want to do it manually you'll need to consult the FCB manual. When I got my FCB 12 years ago it took me all of 1 hour to abandon that method and get the editor.

You'll also need a compatible MIDI DIN to USB Interface unless your AI has built-in MIDI Ports (Scarlett and most others work).
Not all MIDI DIN to USB Interfaces will work to pass "sysex" messages required for using an editor. I recommend this one:

AmazonSmile: iConnectivity mio 1-in 1-out USB to MIDI Interface for Mac and PC : iConnectivity: Musical Instruments

but the Roland UM1 and some others will also work. The really cheap ones usually don't work. Check here before buying.

Guitar Rig


I just received my FCB1010 and I'm trying to figure out how to run my NI Guitar Rig 5 with it. I mainly want to be able to pull up my presets with the FCB and to set up my expression pedals for a volume pedal and perhaps Taurus pedals on the 1-10 if anyone can think of a way to do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: What can be assigned to a footswitch again?


Each foot switch press can send 5 PC messages, 2 CC messages, and one Note message.  Also sets the Pedal CC#s, but that's technically not an 'output'.
There is also a 'Toggle' function, which can send different CC#'s on alternate presses, but that uses both CC message slots.

If you really need all three, you'll want to look into getting the Uno2 firmware.  It works a lot different from stock, but is infinitely more flexible.

What can be assigned to a footswitch again?


I'm forgetting how many commands and of which type can be saved to a single footswitch. Seems like it was maybe 5 total..

I'm looking to see if I can send 3 different CC messages - CC49 = 127, CC50 = 0, CC51=0 for example, with a single push.


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On Fri, Mar 25, 2022 at 05:32 AM, Jack Fenton wrote:
This is the issue that got me. You may have to look at your FCB1010 manual to figure out how to do that if you have the stock chip.

  • Make sure the global "MIDI merge" option is activated in the FCB1010.
hehe.. One last tap-dance before you go?  :-)

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I'm not good in English and I'm definitely not good in explaining things, so maybe someone else can chime in, because your screenshot is exactly how I would explain the necessary connections...

More important is what I said in my earlier reply: "If you use the MIDI monitor application which you can download for the connection check..."
That is a little lower on that same page : 

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Jack Fenton

This is the issue that got me. You may have to look at your FCB1010 manual to figure out how to do that if you have the stock chip.

  • Make sure the global "MIDI merge" option is activated in the FCB1010.

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Bill Dack

Hi Ossandust,  I am even more confused now regarding how to cable the FCB up now for a test. I copied the website instructions below and a photo of the interface I am using to connect to the Katana and GP-10.

  • Connect a MIDI cable from MIDI OUT on the FCB1010 to MIDI IN on the interface
  • Connect another MIDI cable from MIDI OUT on the interface to MIDI IN on the FCB1010
  • Choose the correct MIDI IN and MIDI OUT port in the dropdown boxes with detected MIDI ports.
  • Make sure the global "MIDI merge" option is activated in the FCB1010.
  • Click the 'Test' button.
  • If the test succeeds, you can proceed with the purchase of the UnO2 firmware

 This seems to be different from before for some reason, can you give me some idea how to use my Roland Um-one cable with the above instructions. 
 Oh  before I go there was a small box in my browser that restricted Midi flow. I have unchecked it but I have not tried the test yet till I hear from you.

Thanking you Bill

On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 1:01 AM ossandust <ossan.dust@...> wrote:
can you give more details about "something about the dump file" ? 
If you use the MIDI monitor application which you can download for the connection check, you will see exactly how the UnO2 editor will behave on your setup. Therefore it's a good thing you can't get past this check to buy software which would not work for you. 
If you give the exact error message I can check what might be the issue.

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