Pitch bend CC only in Ableton


Hi there, working on firmware 2.4.1, haven't used the FCB in a long time as I was tired of programming it manually and could never get any of the editor apps to work (always said they couldn't see an FCB)

Anyway, did a factory reset + calibrated the expression pedals + made sure the midi channel was set to 01, programmed the pedals to send CC 32 on up (so as not to conflict with Traktor, which i'm also running w/ Ableton)

The result (both before and after the factory reset) is that Ableton only receives a pitch bend message... from all the pedals, regardless of what I program them to be.

I contacted Behringer today asking for a replacement chip just in case... 

thanks for any insight :: ) 


Mine has the UnO chip, and it works well, but it occasionally sends sporadic pitch change messages.  I've had to disable PC messages in all my synth plugins to keep them from changing key when I play live.  Its a real PITA... I'll get MIDI-OX to cull them from the pedal, but that means not having that functionality when I need it.

If anyone else the same issue, especially if you have the solution, please let us know.