Should I have MIDI to USB interface in order to record my guitar in DAW? #announcement

Rosen Canev


Should I buy midi to usb interface like this Roland UM - One MkII 
in order to play/record my guitar in DAW /Reaper/ with Guitar rig 5?

I have Line 6 UX2 audio interface and I'd like to connect it to Behringer FCB1010. Is that possible and what kind of cable do I need?

Thank you in advance!

Roger Colwell

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Sorry I don't have an answer myself but others here are very likely to respond/recommend ...
Roger Colwell
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You can't connect the FCB to the UX2.
You would connect the UM1 to the FCB, then connect the UM1 and the UX2 to your computer's USB ports.
To save USB ports you could try using a hub, but hubs are iffy, might work, might not.
In GR5 Standalone you'll need to select the UX2 for Audio and the UM1 for MIDI.
to use GR5 as a Plug-In in Reaper you'll need to make the same selections in Reaper Audio and MIDI Preferences.
You'd then create an Audio Track with GR5, and a MIDI track with the UM1 as Input and the GR5 Track as Output.

Rosen Canev

Thank you so much!

I also have ZOOM G5n. Probably it is needless now..... I have no idea!


If you like the sound of your G5n (many do), then it's still a very viable device, and it's an Audio Interface in it's own right.
IOW, you don't NEED the UX2.
Frankly, I doubt that GR5 sounds better. I've had GR5 for years, I never use it anymore.

The G5n lacks MIDI, but has the advantage over GR5 of being able to record with ZERO Latency, it being HARDWARE vs a PLUG-IN. Your UX2 (being pretty long in the tooth) probably has around 20ms latency. I don't know about the latency on the G5n, but I can tell you that the latency on my Helix (newer tech than either the G5n or the UX2) is around 20ms @ 128 samples. It's better at 64 samples (<>14ms), but my 7th gen i7 laptop can't handle 64 samples without noise.

Also keep in mind that in order control GR5 via MIDI you'll need a MIDI controller. You can still find the proprietary controller/interface that NI made on eBay, but that's VERY old and discontinued tech.

The FCB, while useful for controlling GR5, is better with the UNO chip. And one of the best added functions of the UNO chip, the ability to send Stompbox (CC) messages on preset load, doesn't work with GR5.

The FCB can, however be very useful for controlling the transport of your DAW. It's nice to be able to Start/Stop recording without taking your hands off your guitar!

Apart from controlling a plug-in or your DAW transport, the only use for MIDI is being able to control your audio hardware/plug-ins from recorded MIDI. IOW, with the G5n you won't be able to pre-record a performance and have the DAW playback do all of your preset changes on the G5n. Do you need that?

The best thing that you can do at this point is to make a list of your IMMEDIATE needs. Once you have that, I can give better advice.


Just wanted to add. If you record a track from the G5n and simultaneously record a clean track, you can use GR5 on the clean track and replace or combine that with the G5n recording. In that scenario latency is irrelevent.

Just something else to think about.

Rosen Canev

Thanks a lot!
By FCB 1010 I'd like to control GR5' presets in DAW, nothing else. I am not familiar with MIDI. 

The best for me would be If I can combine both Zoom G5n and GR5 presets  into one foot controller, this is what I want.


Since the G5n doesn't do MIDI, you're SOL on using both at once.
Bottom line - HW modelers are best for LIVE playing - no latency.
You can use the FCB to control the presets on up to 5 instances of up to five plug-ins on up to five separate tracks at once.
But it sucks for LIVE playing because of the latency of plug-ins.
Modern modelers like Helix can do lots more than your G5n, including most of the MIDI capabilities of BOTH the FCB and plug-ins, making you forget all about plug-ins like GR5 except for post-processing/re-amping, but are pricey.

Again, make a list in priority order of what you NEED from your rig vs what you'd LIKE from your rig.
Some people feel that lists are old-fashioned and a waste of time, but they can be very helpful in situations like yours.

Rosen Canev

Thanks again!