How to program Guitar Rig 5 with FCB/UnO editor ? #wanted


I assume that you installed the UNO chip according to the instructions in that User Guide.
Now go to the page where you bought ControlCenter and download the ControlCenter User Guide.
Configuring the UNO Chip to work like the stock chip is easy. The User Guide even has PICTURES!
Remember, you have the UNO Chip, 
Attached is a ControlCenter sysex to use with GR5 when you decide to go for the BIG TIME!

Rosen Canev

I bought the new UNO chip v 1.04. and Uno control center editor as well. But I am completely confused now. I also found this User guide. I don't want to use stompbox mode for now, just want to control Guitar Rig 5 presets as before with the stock old chip.     


I provided that info FYI, I should have been clear about that - If you attempt to DL a sysex to the stock chip and it times out, you now know why and what to do.
If you're serious about playing through amp sims you'll probably end up with UNO, and the version info is good to know.

Rosen Canev

Sorry I don\t have UNO. I have the original FCB 1010, v.2.50


You should read the ControlCenter manual. See the two folder icons below the big round CONNECT icon? Once you have a working sysex (test with the Virtual FCB and the left side monitor available by clicking Global Setting a couple times), you use one of those Folder icons to DOWNLOAD the sysex to the FCB. Then you use the OTHER one to upload the modified (hopefully) contents of the FCB for verification. You can also verify by using the right side monitor (click the little connect icon so it turns RED). That monitor shows what happens when you operate a pedal on the REAL FCB.

Depending on what version of UNO you have (pre 1.04, maybe pre 1.03), you may have to manually activate sysex download on the FCB itself. This only needs to be done once, unless you do a factory reset.


In Reaper and most other DAWs, you first create a MIDI track with the (FCB's interface) as it's source. You then SEND the output of that track to the track containing your VST.

Rosen Canev

Thanks a lot ! Great explanations!

I did it in standalone version of Guitar Rig 5, but how to do the same in VST in DAW? I am using Reaper.

By the way,  I  successfully connected FCB/Uno control center editor to my midi foot controller, but when start changing some parameters by my mouse, it doesn't affect the foot controller.


Put one of each into a GR5 preset. Make sure you've activated the Exp Pedals by selecting an FCB Preset that contains them.
On the left side of the UI, select OPTIONS.
At the bottom of the Controllers Window select ADD CONTROLLER.
From the CONTROLLER MENU, select your device and the PEDAL parameter. 
Click LEARN (button highlights). Operate the EXP Pedal. Learn will go OFF, indicating that the setting has been learned.
When you operate the assigned pedal the slider on the device image will move.

You can also just right click on the device's slider, and click LEARN and in the following dialog box click OK. This will create the controller.
If you want to make a controller GLOBAL (appears automatically in EVERY PRESET), Click the Controller's MENU and click LOCK.
A little LOCK Icon will appear in the Controller's Title Bar.

You'll still have to add the device to any preset you want it in, but the controller will already be assigned.

Rosen Canev

Thank you very much!

I'd like to adjust the left pedal for volume control of the Guitar rig presets, and the right pedal for wah.
Could you give me a hint!


1&2) You do not program an amp sim using an editor. You use an editor to program the FCB to control the amp sim. You can use the FCB to control the amp sim in either standalone or VST mode. Assuming that you are using a PC (vs MAC), You can't run the editor and the amp sim at the same time due to conflicts with the MIDI driver.

3) No. You CAN run as many as you want (or as your computer can handle) using VSTs in a DAW or VST Host.

4) Yes, but only needs to be done for first use, then as necessary if you think that it's gotten out of calibration. Use a MIDI Monitor to check this. If the range is other than 0-127, it needs to be calibrated.

5) Yes.

You use the editor to program the FCB according to the requirements of the amp sim and the way you plan to use it, then you close the editor, open the amp sim and assign the various pre-programmed pedals to control the amp sim's functions.

While there are similarities, S-Gear and Guitar Rig have very different ways of doing things. Using the Stock Chip with either will be very limiting. 

Rosen Canev

Hi dear community!

Recently I bought  FCB/UnO editor for the original FCB1010. I am running  FCB 1010 (v.2.5). I have connected it to my Windows 10 with Roland UM – One Mk II and everything works fine. I am newbie to MIDI so I have a couple of questions:


1.    May I program Guitar Rig 5 in standalone mode with FCB/UnO editor? ( Later I will ask for DAW)

2.    May I program S-Gear 2 in standalone mode with FCB/UnO editor?

3.    May I run both applications in standalone mode simultaneously?( For example: to use 2 presets from Guitar Rig then to turn to 2 presets from S-Gear) ( As I know it is possible for DAW- right?)

4.    Before start programming should I calibrate both expression pedals?

5.    During setting up FCB/Uno editor from the menu I chose Midi- In port – UM-ONE and Midi Out port – UM-One. Is it correct?


Thank you in advance!