I created a small video yesterday about the TinyBox : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WidwqvbcKMs

David Grosz

Nice video!  Now I wish I was sitting here waiting for the TinyBox to arrive instead of UnO2 chip!
Very nice work you have done, genius to be able to take an existing device and with a little box
totally make it into a product unlike anything else on the market.

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I created a small video yesterday about the TinyBox : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WidwqvbcKMs


Wow.  this seems totally revolutionary to me. 
I have so many questions, but to get started ... 
The FCB1010 is equipped with an Un0 chip?  Any version?
And is the midi / power cable a standard 5 or 7 pin MIDI? Once programmed, the TinyBox/Pi power supply powers the FCB too?  too cool !!! 

My other general questions are aboutMIDI routing - MIDI is being sent and received by the TinyBox and/or the FCB?  
I assume this is the place to ask these things.

I think I'm beginning to get it (slowly).  The FCB GUI on the iPad really brings it to life for me.  I'll just need to get it and play with it for a pandemic or two.  
I'm very excited.
thank you !!!


This is pretty awesome!  So as far as I know, even Uno (1) doesn't allow the FCB to change state in reaction to received MIDI.  So this has to be the Uno2 chip in action???  You said in the release announcement that it was a smaller version of the TinyBox software.  Yet you have the TinyBox connected to the FCB in the video.  Is there a default setup to get them working together?
And it's connected with one cable that does MIDI In, MIDI Out, and power.  I'd like to know about that mod, too!  Has to be at least a 6-pin DIN.  Is it the standard All In One cable mod that's been around for years?  And it looks like the TinyBox is wired for it directly, so it needs that mod or a special cable...   Inquiring minds want to know!  :-)


For your info : I started a separate TinyBox specific user group : https://groups.io/g/tinybox/ 

- the TinyBox purchase includes a specific firmware chip for the FCB1010, which turns it into a dummy slave for the TinyBox
- TinyBox connects with the FCB1010 through a 7-pins MIDI cable, so the FCB1010 needs to be equipped with a "Single Cable Kit" : FCB1010 Single Cable Kit  
- With this kit installed TinyBox does power the FCB1010, so no more mains cable needed for the FCB1010
- MIDI is being sent/received by the TinyBox only - there is a MIDI IN and a MIDI OUT connector, with a MIDI filter/mapper in between to transform MIDI which is passing through. And there is USB-MIDI IN/OUT to control software with the FCB1010 or to use the TinyBox as regular MIDI-USB interface. Lots of detailed info about MIDI routing in an appendix of the user manual ( https://www.tinybox.rocks/assets/files/TinyBox_Usermanual.pdf from p.65)
- the "UnO2" firmware is a shrinked down version of what's inside the TinyBox. It doesn't have any of the "MIDI filter/mapper" functionality, and it relies on the FCB1010 setup storage capacity, which is 1% of the TinyBox storage.  


Wow.. that was a lot of work!


On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 03:49 PM, chrisw_63 wrote:
Wow.. that was a lot of work!
Been working on it on and off for the past few years now, and it required a pandemic "Belgium-style" (2-month lockdown) to get it finally released... 


Thanks ossandust. Your TinyBox has me intrigued.  Being both a keyboard and violin player, and in particular with the later, I do not have my hands free to trigger off things with a mouse or computer keyboard combinations, only have my feet to trigger off things. I use predominantly Ableton Live (lite). If have the FCB1010 with the original Behringer chip and am looking into the Uno offerings, i.e. Uno, Uno2 or TinyBox, since I am hitting the limits of what the OEM chip can do.

Standard midi message ok with Ableton, I can get by, but Ableton does not allow midi messages to control things like delete clip (I just recorded), so it can be used like a regular looper. Sure if I get Ableton Max I could program it, but at the moment that is way beyond my budget. So have you or any one else used the TinyBox to control Ableton Live much like Ableton's Push hardware? If so, could this be done with the Lite version of Ableton?

Thanks for the video.

I will have a peek at the group especially for the TinyBox.


On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 08:31 PM, <Earth.Sky.Surf5@...> wrote:
Ableton does not allow midi messages to control things like delete clip
I don't have experience with Ableton. If a function is not MIDI controllable, maybe you can still assign a keyboard shortcut to it? And then use an app like midiStroke to convert MIDI commands into keystrokes 


Thanks ossandust, just giving the midiStroke a burl now ... nice :) . Brilliant, just what I need to control Ableton. Thanks.