FCB1010 won't restart after installing UnO


I have been changing the original chip to UnO and unfortunately, my board will not now start!

Any ideas, please?

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1.  Make sure the chip is the right direction.  It should be inserted such that the semicircle "notch" on the top of the chip is close to the cylindrical component (capacitor) next to the end of the socket.
2.  Push it in evenly and slowly but firmly, making sure it goes in all the way.  These sockets can be pretty touchy. 
3.  Make sure there are no pins sticking out the side of the socket.  It's easy for the pins to get bent even slightly and miss the socket terminal.
4.  Make sure that the two yellow wires soldered to the board near that chip are intact and well soldered.
5.  There is a 0.1A (100mA) glass type T fuse in the AC receptacle where the power cord plugs in.  Make sure that fuse is still good (you'll likely see if it's burned out through the glass part of the fuse).

Hopefully, The chip just isn't making a good connection in the socket, and it just takes a another insertion to get that connection solid. And hopefully, there isn't any damage to the main board. I do have to say, and I've been in electronics manufacturing for a couple of  decades, behringer used some very, very thin traces on that board. It takes almost nothing to scratch a trace open, even through the conformal coat that's on the board.  And even small flexing of the board or components can result in breaks in the trace around the solder pads.  The copper layer is incredibly thin. Too bad they couldn't spend another $0.10 per board to double the copper thickness. Oh well.

Hope this helps.