Setting Up The Fcb1010 with The new Boss RC-500q


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Don't expect the FCB1010 to work with the RC-500 out of the box. The pedal need to be programmed to send the same commands that the FCB-505 sends. 
That sounds very confusing to me, if with "the pedal" you mean the FCB1010. 
The original poster has an FCB1010 equipped with FCB-505 firmware. This means the FCB1010 does not need to be programmed, it is even impossible to program it. It is the RC-500 which needs to be programmed so that it responds to the commands which the FCB1010 sends.
How to configure the RC-505 (for which this firmware was designed) is explained in following video : , the original poster is searching for similar instructions for the RC-500. Maybe other RC-500 users have experience with this?   


Fonziemsun -
I do not know anything about the RC-500, and I do not know what you mean by "the chip", however I can see that you may not understand the reply from ossandust .

Don't expect the FCB1010 to work with the RC-500 out of the box. The pedal need to be programmed to send the same commands that the FCB-505 sends. 

The  file that is linked will tell you what those commands are, and you have to follow the instructions in the FCB1010 manual to make that happen.

I hope this will help you - others that know more might be able to be more specific: Until then, read the manual and try to program the FCB1010


Fonziesun <mailalfonso@...>

Thank you so much for the info, but the problem is with the new Boss Rc500.

I had the 505 and it worked ok with the chip. 


The FCB-505 firmware just sends a hardcoded MIDI message with each switch press/release, it doesn't contain banks, it doesn't require any setup, so there can be no problem with a MIDI interface. 
You can find the MIDI messages sent by the FCB-505 firmware on the first page of the manual ( ) . You will need to configure the RC-500 to react to those specific messages on that specific channel, just like with the RC-505. Apparently MIDI settings are explained on p.13 of the parameter guide. 
If you say that the unit "disconnects" (MIDI "turning off") I suspect that it is in some mode for syncing the MIDI clock of 2 units. Simply controlling the RC-500 parameters from the FCB1010 doesn't require any 2-way communication so it shouldn't trigger any "disconnect" error.


Hello Everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this topic that some people may find interesting if resolved :-) !!

I recently purchase both FCB1010 and RC500.  I previously connected the FCB1010 to a RC505 and it worked fine with the addition of the fcb505 chip.   I ended up selling the rc505 because i wanted to have a floor pedal instead of desktop.  
The Issue:   I can not get  both equipment to work together.  The Fcb1010 would only send the channel number instead of actions, and the RC500 keeps on disconnecting (midi turning off)  from FCB1010 somehow.  Could it be an incompatibility issue?

Please help if someone has been able to connect and work with these 2 great units!

Its greatly appreciated it.!