Prgrm pedal to act as pedalboard w/TH-U


Just got pedal for xmas, want it to act as multi pedalboard. On/off for bottom row. I can program expressions fine. Want each pedal with light on for on and same with off. Like the rp1 or rp100 from digitech. Dont need the banks function. I have the manual and downloaded the "mountain?" Program to set it. Havent used program yet. I'm at square 1.


You want the UNO Chip. Whether you want the Original UNO or UNO2 depends on your needs and your programming skills.

With the stock chip you can program the switches to Toggle, but the LEDs WILL NOT reflect that, and you can't set up FAUX TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION as you can with UNO.(SEE BELOW). You can program all 10 switches to toggle, meaning that you can control 10 categories of effects in THU (unless you're planning on setting all FX bypass functions per preset). You said you don't need the BANKS function, so I assume that you realize you won't be using the FCB to change PRESETS in THU.

With either chip. the BANK switches ONLY do BANKS. They change the BANK in the FCB, NOT in THU. You could have different BANKs sending different combinations of different CC and PC messages, allowing you to change PRESETS in THU..

With original UNO You can have top or bottom row set to Toggle, but you'll have the same 5 messages sent in every Bank, which means you'll only be able to control 5 categories of effects in THU (again, unless you're planning on setting all FX bypass functions per preset). You can also program it so that the LEDs reflect the actual status of the THU effects (FAUX TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION), even though the communication is one-way only. You WILL be able to change Presets in THU, as the other 5 switches in each FCB BANK can send PC numbers. Those switches can also send TOGGLING CCs, which could allow you a "Wild Card" Effects control in each Preset.

OR - you could get the UNO2 chip and program every button (except BANKS) to do whatever you want it to, but that requires actual programming with code, not a fully GUI editor like MTN or UNO_ControlCenter.

It sounds to me like you need to learn a bit more about how THU works, and give some more thought to how you'll be using THU ITRW.