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Hi all,

I’m getting a cracking/popping noise when I turn an effect on/off in Guitar Rig 6 while using the FCB1010 midi controller. Any ideas what could be causing this & how to to possibly fix it?




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This is most likely a problem with too much running on the computer/ipad.  If you have a lot of effects running at the same time, or too many background processes, the audio system can bog down and 'skip'.  If you have a slower computer, and can't find anything taking up a lot of time, you may want to consider upgrading.

If you're running on Windows and don't have an ASIO driver, that is most likely the issue.  Download ASIO4ALL and set it as the sound driver for your DAW, or whatever you're using.

Hi Geoff,

Following the messages here for quite a while, never heard anyone combining Guitar Rig 6 and FCB 1010. I have no answer to your problem but if I may, can I ask you this:
Were you used to the FCB with earlier Guitar Rig versions? Do you have the UNO firmware installed? Did you start programming the FCB from scratch, or is there a dump to the FCB possible, to get most functions responding and do some further tweaking?
I have the FCB1010 with firmware 25, and Guitar Rig 6. Just missing some simpel functions on a pedal.

Thanks for your time!
Goodluck with the cracking.


I've been using my FCB with Guitar Rig since GR2, so I do know of what I speak. I have NOT upgraded to GR6 from GR5, but they didn't change anything significant, just added a couple of new amps shot with newer modeling methods.
The problem chrisw_63 referred to only occurs when using an underpowered, un-optimized computer with too low a sample rate.
What are the specs on your computer?
It does NOT sound like the problem you are describing, but without a sound sample it's impossible to be sure.
I strongly advise against using ASIO4ALL, the stock ASIO driver provided by NI works fine.  
Record a sample of the noise and attach it, along with a description of the effects in use in the preset. I'll try to duplicate it and look for the problem.


Never used Guitar Rig outside of my DAW (and don't use it much, really), so I didn't know about NI's ASIO driver.  Thanks EJ.