Amplitube5 and FCB1010


Attached are screenshots of how to configure a Preset and a Toggling CC (Stomp).
In Amplitube you need to place your presets in the Preset Screen (SS attached).
In AT5, you need to set the FX Bypass per preset, globals are gone (SS attached).

In order to configure the stock FCB to control AT5 using the Ed Dixon Editor (or manually), you'll need to configure every pedal in every bank.
That's 100 actions. This is why most users opt for the UNO chip and ControlCenter Editor.


What do you mean?  The upgrade doesn't affect your computer's MIDI drivers or connections.  Your old settings probably won't work with Amplitube 5, but the FCB1010 should still be able to control it.  If the new version doesn't receive MIDI at all, it almost has to be a setting in Amplitube. Or a very odd coincidence that has nothing to do with the upgrade.

Cem Solak

Hi guys I recently move to Amplitube 5 from 4 but no joy on make FCB1010 work with it, is anyone have a better luck?
Does any sysex file exist to upload FCB. I have on-board chip not Uno or sort :(
Cheers Cem