FCB1010 V2.5 NEWBIE with Ableton Live

Kevin Andree

I just picked up my FCB1010 today (used for $50).  It has the V2.5 Chip and I want to use it for Ableton Live to do live performance looping/launching of clips, controlling effects.  I tried searching, but could not find info.  Should I buy Uno/Eureka or should I just dive in with V2.5?


Go for it!
Your results will depend largely on your needs. If your needs exceed the capabilities of the stock chip, you can always upgrade later to the UNO2 Chip and program it to do whatever you want. However, starting with the stock chip will help you to define your needs, and make the upgrade (if needed) much easier to program.


Wasn’t going to chime in since Ed’s already on it but since I don’t really know Abelton I thought I’d do a quick google.

Here’s the first hit maybe it will be a good starting point for you. I believe it refers to Live 9 but the process for conjoining that with the FCB1010 is the same:


Bonne chance!



I would only add that, while you CAN configure the FCB manually as in the video, it's MUCH easier with an editor such as the FREE MtnSystems/Ed Dixon Editor available here:


Better yet is the UNO_ControlCenter Editor available here:

FCB/UnO Control Center for the Behringer FCB1010

It's not free, but it's cheap at the price and worth every penny.