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Mike Whitaker

I say again, wow.

Your grizzled list founder here. I am still utterly boggled that after 17 1/2 years this list is still going, still helping people and has over 13,000 members. 

Back in 2002 (when I created the sadly neglected page that I promise I will update over XMas), it was very much 'wow, this thing is really cool. but it looks like it can be a trifle tricky to get working - maybe we need a resource?" Since then my personal rig has gone from an 8U rack of doom (controlled, obviously, by the FCB-1010), via a valve amp and half a dozen pedals to a GK3 fitted Strat and a GR-55, and several other points in between: during the valve amp phase I found I wasn't using the FCB1010 (obviously enough) and hadn't the time to commit, so I found (or actually, I think they poked me and volunteered) a couple of mods to help me out.

Back in 2015 I wound up MD-ing a fantasy rock musical ("Before The Dawn") from the guitar chair for the World Science Fiction convention in London, and needing a lot of patch changes on the GR-55 - "hmm," thinks I, |ther's an FCB-1010 in the music room somewhere". This list, and the software contributions from people that have been made possible by this list, saved my bacon :D I even managed to set up two spare patch pedals as page up and down on On Song to control my music!

I'd like to publicly thank Roger, the stefenator, Gaghe and BachOntoThis for keeping the flag flying, and particularly Roger for managing this transition - and all of you (including the folks from Behringer who may be quietly lurking in the background) for making this a great community for a great product. I will be around a bit more, certainly during the fallout from the transition, to help out with moderating chores.

Let's keep rocking!