Anyone else using fbc 1010 with a Korg Kronos?

Charles Fox <charlesfox@...>

Just curious, I got one after seeing a youtube vid about how all the control options worked. The "riverdance" programming was a steep learning curve, I still am learning about the software editors.My midi connection is fine. I found out after reading the topics in this form I need the Uno chip, so I ordered one. I need momentary action from the footswitches. Any wisdom from those who are further down this road? Which functions are you using?


Hello! I use FCB1010 with Roland's Integra 7. I have original "Factory chip" and for programming app: iFCB X 2.5.8. Official: (don't offer this anymore); found yet: . I purchased one years ago. Works fine - I use it for selecting "Studio Sets" - Integra has them 64 pieces, with 16 parts each. As I used Yamaha's P-80 piano for keyboard (from keyboard goes to output only 1...2 MIDI channels, Layers) I used MIDI SOLUTIONS to get 3+3 Layers from 2.

Charles Fox <charlesfox@...>

Sounds interesting, I want to use two midi channels to control my Kawai es110 piano and the Korg on top as a two layer setup, with individual volume control and some extra note triggers. I've got it working OK on the Korg, and I'm ready to test run the 2nd midi channel for the piano.