Behringer WAH - Not what you think...

BC <bcproject@...>

I've been trying to find a decent programmable WAH..and guess what? Behringer makes one! It's not in the V-Amp though. It's in the DSp1224P-Modulizer!
I patched my FCB1010 into the DSP1224P, used algorithm 5 (Auto Highpass) set the LFO for 0 (user control) set the FCB1010 accordingly and PRESTO - darn nice WAH sounds! I borrowed a Dunlop Crybaby 535Q to make sure I wasn't just suffering from wishful thinking (that DSP1224P Wah was decent to darn good).
So I guess my point is: if you want an inexpensive programmable wah (and more), and you already have a MIDI foot controller - check out the DSP1224P!
And if Behringer monitors this list: Please take the code from the DSP1224P (effect 5) and use it to replace the miserable WAH code in the V-Amp.