Boss RC-505 control from UNO 1.04 chip

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Hello, I'm planning to purchase a RC-505, and control it from my FCB+UNOchip. Is it posible to program it, or is mandatory to get the FCB-505 chip?
Can the Uno 1.04 work similar to dedicated FCB-505 chip? Point is that I don't want to dedicate the FCB only to RC control.
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I don't know the FCB-505 chip, but from the RC-505 manual, controlling any regular parameter should be a breeze.  While the manual says to choose any CC# 1-31, I'd stay away from 1-13 for general use.  Here's a chart of all the MIDI CC#'s that shows which are predefined: Control Change Messages (Data Bytes).  Any that say Undefined or General Purpose are safe to use for anything.  Same with the upper range: 64-95.  CC#64 especially is used wherever a keyboard could be - it's the sustain pedal.  Many synths don't implement the MIDI for Portamento, Sostenuto, or Soft pedals, or the Legato switch (CC#'s 62-68), but I'd check before using them.  The rest of the range might be fine, but sticking to the ones that actually say Undefined will be safest.

If you have any other MIDI gear connected at the same time (including a computer running tracks or other sounds), you'll want to be sure the RC-505's MIDI Program Change Out is turned off.  Unless you set it up that way, you don't want to accidentally change the program on some other device or VST instrument (setting their MIDI channels to all be different would fix that, too). 

To the best of my knowledge, the stock FCB chip and UnO chip can't set tempo the way the RC-505 wants.  Hopefully someone who knows about the FCB-505 chip can give you more information.

Scandemor <fse22abbott@...>

Hi Chrisw,

Thank you for your reply and help. Yes, I've got the feeling can be set up properly. I've dived into google oraculus and found some nice youtubes from friend Greetriman, with lot of info on how to link both units.
Wonder if someone already has the sysex for this setup to share. Or when I get my full midi-degree, I will post it also.

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You're correct : if you don't want to dedicate the FCB only to RC-505 control you should use the UnO firmware and not the dedicated FCB-505 firmware.
The Youtube info of Greetreman is excellent. He's the one who requested the dedicated FCB-505 firmware because the standard UnO firmware is not 100% optimal for the RC-505, but you can use UnO, as he shows in one of his earlier videos.