Damaged while upgrading to eurekaprom


Hi. I tried to upgrade my fcb1010 to eurekaprom. But after the eurekaprom start up, the pedal did not work right. First, the letters of the mods did not show up right. Instead of A3, I saw O3 etc. And after I chose the mod, the switches died and stopped working until I restart the pedal. Factory reset and diagnostics were not applicable, too. I contacted eurekaprom and they tried to help but it was useless.
I replaced the original Behringer chip back. But now it’s not working as it used to be either. It starts with blinking 00 lights and after 10 seconds I can manage to use the switches. Factory reset and diagnostics are gone and the switches are not as stable as before.

Has anyone Experienced sth like this before? Do you have any suggestions? Is it because of firmware? Would you suggest upgrading to Uno firmware, would it make a difference?



> "It starts with blinking 00 lights" : 
the FCB1010 has a built-in RAM check on startup. If the RAM is defective, the display will show a blinking "88". So most probably there will have been a static electricity discharge while doing the upgrade, which will have damaged the electronics. The unit will need to be serviced. The fact that the FCB1010 still starts up and shows something on the display (like the blinking numbers) proves that there's nothing wrong with the firmware. 


Hi again. Has anyone experienced this situation before? Some advice would be nice. Thanks...


Ossandust is likely the foremost authority on this subject. While Behringer might be able to direct you to someone local who could perform the service, it could cost more than the price of a replacement. Should that be the case, and should you decide to replace it, keep the old one for parts. Should you decide to get it repaired, have them install the Eurekaprom for you while they're at it.

Good Luck!



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I have an FCB 1010 with the ureka eprom installed also the original eprom with it. Great condition. For sale 120.00 

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