FCB1010 first steps w/UnO chip and total desesperation

Antonio Díaz

Hi there people,

I purchased some years ago this thing to a guy and I have never managed to make it work. I'm using UnO v.1..0.2 and I would love to be able to make it work with Studio One and Amplitube 4 o 5.

I have tried several MIDI editors (including FCBUnOControlCenter free version) but I just arrive to two different scenarios (none of them satisfying):

1. I can use both expression pedals in standalone Amplitube 4, while footswitches just change programs (MIDI learn does not work).

2. When I load Amplitube via Studio One, this DAW recognizes every switch (except UP and DOWN) throught MIDI monitoring, but since MIDI learn function does not work, it seems to be useless.

So my question is do I really need to create a sysex file to go? should I purchase FCBUnOControlCenter if my needs are so specific or is there any file around here that does the job?


Jack Fenton

I don't think the Up/Down pedals will send any MIDI with any version of firmware.  However, there may be a special version made by Uno that allows this with TinyBox.
For raw MIDI messages for all pedals, I use EurekaProm with IO Mode.and handle all MIDI processing externally.


Yes, you need to create a custom sysex for use with Amplitube.
Yes, I can provide one. BUT....
First, what MIDI interface are you using? Not all of them will pass sysex.
Second, you need UNO_ControlCenter. There is no FREE version of UNO_ControlCenter, only a demo version that won't save or transmit sysex.
So, what MIDI interface are you using?

Antonio Díaz

Thank you, dudes.

By "MIDI interface" you mean the cable? Sorry for my noobness.... I`m using a MIDI/USB cable made by Otraki. It seems to save and transmits sysex messages properly.

Would you mind to share that custom sysex for Amplitube, please? If I have to purchase UNO_ControlCenter I will of course, but I have been using other MIDI editors and I don't understand why this UNO_ControlCenter is needed.



If you're UNO chip is 1.0.2 (NOT 1.0.2f) then the other editors MIGHT work.
I recommend UNO_ControlCenter because it's the best, written by the creator of the UNO chip, and the easiest to use by far.

I'll attach the .syx version. It didn't import properly to the Ed Dixon Editor, but that could be because I don't have an FCB connected, and the UNO options are greyed out.
I'll also attach a screenshot of the spreadsheet view. You MIGHT be able to use it to re-create the .syx in whatever editor you're using.

When you decide that you're ready to get the editor that I (and most everybody else here) recommends, let me know and I'll send the .lgp (Uno_ControlCenter) version.

Antonio Díaz

Thanks man.

I don't know what's wrong with my MIDI editors: they hang constantly, report MIDI out or in error... Even the official one says now there's something wrong with MIDI out... So I have not been able the file you kindly attached.

I guess I have been messing around too much with this thing, since now it's working (almost) properly with Amplitube 5 standalone but when I check out Studio One MIDI activity, it is registering PC's, not CC's (which are the needed instructions, am I wrong?).

Since this seems to be too much for me, let me please just one more question: when I purchase the official MIDI editor, will I be able to setup to make it work properly via Studio One since mi FW is finally 1.0.2f? If this is just doable, I will buy it soon.

And THANKS!!! 

Jack Fenton

If you are working on Windows it is very important to only have 1 MIDI application open at a given time as applications cannot share MIDI ports on Windows PC. This is likely the issue you are facing.

Antonio Díaz

Thanks! This was probably one of the issues I'm facing, yeah. Totally MIDI-noob.

Now it seems I have been able to load properly a sysex, but when I open Studio One, which use it's my main objective, I have found very strange MIDI monitoring messages:

When I press any switch, the descripcion says it's a Controller Modulation [127] AND Controller Modulation [0], which, AFAIK, are max and min values, and when I press expression pedals, I see "Controller Poly Mode OnOff [0-127]".

This does not seem to be a desirable scenario...


v1.0.2f does not work properly with the free editors. I know because that's the version I had (before UNO2).
Get UNO_ControlCenter PAID version.
Create and transmit a sysex.
it's probably the MIDI Interface.
iConnectivity MIO works great. Many others also, but it's a crapshoot.

You need CC#s for the STOMP buttons. By default, Amplitube uses values of 0 = ON;127 = OFF.
This is the reverse of the way everybody else does it. It can be changed, but not Globally, therefore a PITA.
Make sure that your Exp Pedal settings are included in EVERY Preset, including the STOMPS.
The Exp Pedals won't work unless you first press a button (STOMP or PRESET) which has them assigned.
Unlike previous versions of Amplitube, v5 does not provide Global settings for FX Bypass.
Each effect in each preset has to be set manually. PITA.
I asked them about that. They don't care enough to even respond.

Attached is the .lgp (UNO_ControlCenter) version of the AT3 sysex.



1) Get a MIDI Monitor so you can see exactly what the FCB is sending. You THINK you got a proper sysex transfer, but did you really?
    UNO_ControlCenter has one built in. Just sayin'.

2) Get Amplitube working in standalone mode BEFORE adding the complication of Studio One.

I can help you with the standalone version, and afterwards using Amplitube in Reaper, Ableton or Cakewalk, but I don't use Studio One (tried it, hated it).


Just re-installed the Studio One trial, to see if I could get Amplitube working for you.
Now I remember why I hated Studio One - the Demo version is crippled, won't allow 3rd party plugins.
Automatic rejection!

Antonio Díaz

Don't worry bro. I just can't get this thing to work. Standalone is great to have some fun but I just wanted to record it. I guess I'll purcharse Uno_controlcenter when I have some money spare and will give it a try. I hope it works then.

I really appreciate ALL your comments, efforts and general attitude. This is the old Internet I used to love.

Big hug to every motherf***** rockers out there!

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Just re-installed the Studio One trial, to see if I could get Amplitube working for you.
Now I remember why I hated Studio One - the Demo version is crippled, won't allow 3rd party plugins.
Automatic rejection!


Reason I said to use standalone was to test your sysex ITRW, without the intermediary of Studio One.
Come back when you're ready, I'll be here!