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nai direndai


It worked like a charm And I learned something about Ableton in the process. Thanks a million!

Merry Christmas to you too and all the best,

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Create a MIDI Track -
MIDI FROM = your MIDI Interface, Channel = FCB Channel (default 1), MIDI 2 = Audio Channel with the Plugin

I don't currently have Guitar Rig installed, so I'm using Amplitube as the example, and I've renamed the Audio track accordingly.

I've attached a screenshot.

Merry Christmas!

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I got stuck with a problem that perhaps cannot be solved, as I have a very limited understanding of how MIDI and FCB specifically actualy work.

The controler works perfectly when Im using Guitar Rig, but if I open GR as a plugin within Ableton 10, FCB is detected by Ableton, but it doesnt work within the plugin.

Does anyone have experience with that, or perhaps a better understanding and some guidelines?

Much appreciated,

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