GIO Premium Plan Increases

Roger Colwell

Wow! It seems we narrowly avoided the price hike that will come into force later today. From GIO, I quote:

Like everyone, we were taken by surprise when Yahoo announced they will be shutting down Yahoo Groups in just a few short weeks. runs a world-class email groups service and has quickly been recognized as the best migration option for Yahoo Groups users. We are flattered by this recognition, and have been overwhelmed with traffic and group transfer requests as a result. We have spent the days since Yahoo's announcement diligently adding new server capacity and starting to work through an unprecedented number of transfer requests.

Fortunately, has always been built to scale and already has a user base in excess of 1 million users today. In order to accommodate this major growth phase while maintaining our excellent service levels and industry-leading functionality, we will need to adjust our pricing as follows.

As of 9AM Pacific Time, October 22:

  1. The annual fee for premium groups is $20/month or $220/year. (Premium groups in existence before that date are grandfathered in at their current fee.)
  2. As is already the case, all transferred groups are required to be premium groups for the first year. The $220 transfer fee counts for the premium fee, so once having paid the transfer fee, transferred groups are exempt from paying the premium fee for the first year.

  3. All new basic (non-premium) groups are required to be premium groups if they have, or acquire, more than 500 members or more than 3 subgroups. (Basic groups in existence before October 22 at 9AM remain unlimited for now; however, next year we will be looking at readjusting our pricing structure and moving away from a flat rate fee and towards a more equitable per-member cost. We will keep you posted about all of this as we work through the process.)

What concerns me now is whether FCB1010_UNO are onboard with us, or not, and whether they have time to beat this deadline with a payment!

Roger Colwell

FCB1010 Group Moderator