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Here is an interesting article that provides a guide to the FCB1010. You will love to read it

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The wording of your post leads me to believe you are involved with the 'article' in some way.  I'll post some criticisms that you can 'forward' to the author.

The guide doesn't cover half of what the FCB1010 can do, is overly simplistic in what it does cover, and will simply not work for an amazing number of MIDI devices.  It doesn't mention 'Omni' mode - a mode a lot of devices have that tells it to listen to any and all MIDI channels. A section near the top starts, "To set the MIDI channel on your FCB1010..."  The MIDI channel, as if it has only one.  It doesn't mention that the FCB1010 has separate MIDI channels for PC, Note, and CC messages, and another for the Expression pedals which it does mention further down.  It doesn't mention that the FCB1010, and most MIDI devices, come from the factory set to MIDI channel 1, or, if they have it, Omni mode.  Specifically, if they're using MIDI channel 1, they don't have to set the FCB's MIDI channels at all. If the device they're using the FCB1010 with has Omni mode, they don't have to worry about setting that channel, either.  Not to mention that finding the MIDI channel setting in some of those things is a mind-numbing task.

Oh, and speaking of programming, it doesn't mention that you should Factory Reset the FCB1010 before starting to program it for the first time.  It saves a lot of headaches.  If by chance it has issues, a factory reset will either fix it, or, if the reset fails, let you know to pack it back up and return it for a replacement.

One part details how to "program the 1 button to select preset 23 on your MIDI gear."  No mention is made of selecting a bank.  In fact, there is no mention of banks at all until 'More Advanced Steps' much further down the document.  Not all MIDI devices have presets, not all devices that have presets use PC messages to set them.  And if they do, PC 23 may be invalid or not correspond to preset 23 on the device.  Yes, I realize this is just an example, but you need to specify that.

Next it goes on to detail programming Expression pedal A, and concludes with: "You have now programmed the FCB1010 to use Expression Pedal A for volume control."
     No they have not.
Aside from the primary glaring error that no mention was made of selecting a preset first, it doesn't mention that they're programming a preset at all.  And they haven't programmed the expression pedal because the must select the preset they did actually program before the expression pedal will be set to that configuration.  Nor is there any mention at all that each preset can set the expression pedals to a different configuration.

And one last comment:  What is a '1/4″ sorting jack' ?  I assume it's a typo that meant 'shorting' jack.  But even that is overly specific and inaccurate.  Many devices that have external switch jacks don't use shorting jacks.  They cost more and lead to more repairs when the shorting contact wears out or gets dirty.  Instead, they just reverse the 'logic' so that open is off, and closed is on, so they can use regular TS jacks without the shorting contact.  A simple tweak that saves them ten cents per jack and some warranty repairs?  Yeah.. no brainer...  Adding words to make the document sound more official almost always fails.  And mostly is just another place to make a mistake.