Makin' an EPROM Run

bradleyfalch <bradleyfalch@...>

I'm about to go to my local back-room electronics supplier to get a
new V2.2 FCB101 EPROM burned. Anybody else want one? Before you
accuse me of SPAMming you, give me a chance to explain...

As a favor to my fellow V-Amp'ers and FCB1010'ers, I'm offering
to "pick up one while I'm out." I'll only charge you what it costs
me to get one to you. This is not a business, just a favor. As
such, please don't expect me to have it to you in three days. (Think
of me as the buddy who went on a beer run that might get a little
sidetracked.) So, if you want an upgrade fast, I suggest you go to
someone trying to make a business out of it. If you can wait a
little, and you want to avoid the bickering upgrade suppliers
(Children behave!!), I'd be glad to get one for you.

The EPROM and burning is less than $5 US. I would prefer that you
send me a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope), so I don't even
have to bother with shipping materials & costs. (I would think a
bubble-wrapped envelope would be fine.)

If you are interested, drop me a line at