managing presets and footswitches

Charles Fox <charlesfox@...>

I have a question about presets and the footswitches. If I have a preset programmed, say bank 0 number one, and I also want to have footswitches one and two trigger  notes, the footswitches play the note but then change the preset. I want the preset to stay the same while using the footswitches for different functions. This occurs whether in direct select or not. What am I missing?


You're not missing anything, that's the way it works.
Each bank has 10 switches. They don't ALL have to send Program Changes, but each switch can only send one NOTE.
So, say you have a Preset for Bass, and you want to play "I'm Dumb" (I-V) in key of "A".
Set Switch One to send the Program Change to get the Bass Preset loaded, then on switch Two don't set a PC, just set NOTE "A" (I); then set switch Three the same way but with NOTE "E" (V). One PC change can get you up to 9 NOTES, but that's a whole Bank of switches, and you only have 10 Banks.

Attached is a screenshot of that configuration using the Control Center Editor.


Further to the above.
With the UNO chip, in STOMP Mode, you can have 19 Banks of 5 STOMP type switches for CCs or NOTEs (same in every Bank) and 5 normal Preset switches.
Assuming that you'd want variety, you'd probably use the STOMP switches for CCs to turn effects ON/OFF. you could then set each bank to send one Program Change and 4 NOTEs (Arpeggios?).

With the UNO2 Chip you can have up to 200 Banks (limited by available memory) configured most any way you like.
A Bank could send a Program Change and 8 notes for a whole scale, with the 10th FS reserved for a "Direct" Bank of 9 switches that can be totally different (but stays the same in every regular bank) with the 10th switch reserved to return to regular banks.

Just some stuff to think about.