Missing something very basic!

Jim Coombes

I am completely new to FCB1010 and rather puzzled. Is this an easy one? I do hope so.

I see that, when first powered on, the unit is in a mode to select the bank and preset. If I press pedal 1 the display changes to show I have selected preset 1 on bank 0. 

If I then select an alternative preset the display changes to reflect that.

What I am puzzled about is - I can't see how to save the selection (01) and move to a mode where I can use the pedals to send midi to my DAW. 

Help please :-)


It sounds like you're in "Direct Select" mode. If, after you press 1, you then press another pedal, for instance, 3, you'll then go to preset 13, and that's what the FCB will send via MIDI. In that mode, the UP/DOWN pedals toggle the two analog switches. If you deactivate DIRECT SELECT, then the UP/DOWN pedals select the Bank#, and the numbered pedals select presets 1-10 in that bank.

I could explain how to do that, but that would involve a lot of typing that's already been done by Behringer in the User's Manual. All programming can be done manually, which is a PITA.

First thing to do is a Factory Reset. Turn off the unit. Reboot while holding pedals 1 + 6. The display will start a countdown, at which point you can release the pedals. When the countdown ends the display will read "00", and you'll be in normal (not Direct Select) mode.

Now, you can drive yourself crazy reading the entire User's Manual 20 times, OR you can get a proper Editor. If you have the stock chip, you can use the FREE Ed Dixon Editor which is available in the FILES section. It's ancient and no longer supported, but does work.

OR, and this is my recommendation, you can spend $20 for the UNO_ControlCenter Editor. FAR superior, MUCH easier to use, works with the stock chip as well as UNO, and actively supported by the author and many users right here on this forum.


IMO, you'd be a fool not to.

You didn't mention what your intended use for the FCB is, but lots of people here have used it for all sorts of stuff, and we'll be happy to help.

Jim Coombes

Thank you for your help EJ

I wasn't in Direct Select after all - just a basic misunderstanding. For some reason I thought that each preset contained settings for all the foot switches - now I realise that each bank can contain 1 preset for each switch and pedal.

So, yes! I was missing something very basic and now it all makes sense (we'll see how I get on in practise!).

For the record my primary wish for the FCB is to control my DAW's transport controls with my feet so that I can keep my hands on my guitar when recording - and I have now achieved this.