Quit VST plugin responding to FCB1010 - Cubase 10.5 PRO


I've finally managed to map my FCB1010 on Cubase 10.5 PRO. Now the last problem that I want to resolve is that while I'm pressing a pedal to have a specific result (just muting some tracks and unmuting some others) it also interferes with the single VST plugins and suddenly changes the sound I'm playing. It's like having a double mapping, one for the Mixer and one for the single plugins, but for the second one I don't know where to quit the messages sending. Can you tell me how can I do this? Thank you in advance.


Muting tracks is a Cubase function. Changing presets in a VST is a VST function.
Cubase likely listens on Ch1. Set your VST commands to send on CH 2, and set the VST to listen on CH 2.
Can't tell you specifically how to do that in Cubase (tried Cubase, hated it!), but it's a piece of cake normal procedure in every other DAW (Reaper, LIVE, Cakewalk, even ProTools!).


I switch it around a bit. I set my FCB1010 to channel 7, One and done.  Most VST's will listen to channel 1 (or whatever you call the first channel) by default, so they never see the FCB1010, and I rarely have to change the channel a VST is listening on.  Just let the DAW take care of the MIDI routing.