Switch 1 & 2 - Momentary\Mechanical? Can I choose. . . how? Assigning to pre sets . . . how?

Hellraiser Johnny <hellraiserjohnny@...>

Ok, so I read the manual, useless and very unclear as to exactly how to set this up. I have 3 processors all dancing to the FCB exactly the way I want and everything is perfect till I try to switch pre amps. I have a amp switcher (A\B) switch that has a remote activation jack. Here is where I want to use the Switch 1 to change from Pre-amp 1 to Pre-amp 2. 

The box uses a mechanical type switch that I have converted from a button to a input jack. so. . . .

Question 1 - How to I set the jack to be a mechanical type switch (Latched-Closed\Open).
Question 2 -  How do I set it up to change back after the clean passage and get it to go back to the overdrive Pre-amp?

I can add it to several MIDI pre sets (switch 1) so long as it knows that on selecting the next patch it reverts back to Latched\open.
I hope some one can help me with this, last hurdle in programming the FCB1010.

Jack Fenton

I think you can change switch polarity on Preset Program settings. From the manual

Select the PRESET you wish to edit

Press DOWN for more than 2.5 sec to enter PRESET programming mode.
The number in the display disappears while the green SWITCH1/SWITCH2 LED in the display starts flashing
Use Footswitchines 1 and 2 to edit the status of the SWITCHES.  The current status is indicated by the foot-switch LED and the corresponding SWICTH LED in the acrylic display.

So as I see it, each preset would set the switch state as either open or close and you would need two different presets so switch states (at least with the stock FCB1010 firmware).
So use preset 1 to set it on and preset 2 to set it off (or visa versa or pick whatever 2 presets you want).

However I 'm pretty sure Uno firmware can handle them as stompboxes (where you could use a pedal to toggle the switch state on and off).

Also the Uno Control Center Editor is much easier to program the FCB1010 (even with stock firmware).

Good luck!

Jack Fenton

However, I think with stock firmware in direct select mode, you can use the up and down pedals to toggle SW1 and SW2 (even with stock FCB firmware).

Hellraiser Johnny <hellraiserjohnny@...>

Thank you. . .  that makes sense how you explain it. So it is a latching state system.

I can program a clean patch (Add SW1 during the select phase) and set the state CLOSED (change to loop B).
Then set a high gain patch (add same- SW1 during selection phase) and set state to OPEN (change back to loop A).
Does this sound correct?

The instructions may state that but it's not very clear in the overall scheme of things. Very helpful.

Jack Fenton

Yes that should work.

Hellraiser Johnny <hellraiserjohnny@...>

Hey Jack. . .  Just a follow up  . . . . and a post for anyone interested, it appears that I only needed to set or add switch 1 on those patches that I wanted to change my Switchback looper to the clean pre-amp. Things got crazy if I added the switch to any other pre-set.

By process of elimination it turns out that I do not have to add the switch on any other pre-set. When on the clean pre-amp, once I select any high gain pre-set it automatically switches the looper back to the high gain pre-amp via the Switchback looper (Loop 1 Clean\Loop 2 High gain). 

All is right in my world and the rack sounds awesome. Thanks again for the help, much appreciated.