Toggle Arm button On and Off in Ableton



This is my first question, so I am completely new to programming the Tiny Box.

I thought I'd make an easy start by trying to make the simpelst script for Ableton. Just 8 some (4) switches to toggle the Arm button on and off in Ableton.

To make it do one thing works fine with the TRIGGER or the EFFECTS and using a ControlChange but to switch the Arm button on (or off) again does not work.

Anybody familiar with this?


Thank you so much!



IDK how the Tinybox code looks, but for UNO2 this works:

EFFECT_ON Stomp5 = SendMidi DEVICE CtrlChange 115 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp5 = SendMidi DEVICE CtrlChange 115 0

Of course, you can use any CC# you like. This is just how my FCB happens to be set up currently.


I've used MIDI to control the ARM buttons for a long time on my UnO 1 FCB, and it works fine.  If you're using a Note message, Ableton will ignore the Note Off (Velocity zero), because if it didn't, using a keyboard key to control it would be impossible - it would just toggle off when you press the note, and back on again when you release it (or vice-versa).  However, it won't toggle by itself when you send two identical CC messages.  You have to do as EJ Sheldon describes and send a 127 to turn on, and a 0 to turn off.



Instead of using CC I used the Note_Onn/Off option from the script (The TinyBox script editor gives suggestions as to which method to use and is really helpfull in programming the TinyBox) and it works fine. Just like using an 'ordinairy' key from a midi keyboard to switch things on and off in Ableton.

I will try EJ SHeldons method, just to try if it will work too!