UnO2 First impressions

David Grosz

UnO2 has met and exceeded my needs and some I didn't know I needed! Ever sense getting an Axe-Fx I had a couple midi things that bugged me first was why can I not be able to access all 768 presets on the fly? The MFC-101 midi controller well it does but only half. I asked Ossan Dust if the UnO2 could somehow do this and the by morning he sent me the answer and now I can. The second issue is using the expression pedals on the FCB for say the wah block, pedals work good but no switch to turn wah on/off and not a big deal the Axe-Fx has what they call auto-engage and it works kind of but not near as well as the UnO2 and the tip switch! Unlike the auto-engage feature of the Axe-Fx the tip switch is very predictable and maintains its 0-127 range. Ossan Dust good things are coming this is very nice and great job!