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Attached is the Behringer manual. The procedure for setting MIDI channels and functions using the “Riverdance” method (manually pressing buttons) starts on page 6.

You’ll find various editors in the FILES section of the FCB1010 User Group on Yahoo. The one by Ed Dixon is the most commonly used, and should be good enough for your basic needs UNLESS you have the UNO chip in your unit, in which case, if it’s>v1.02 you’ll want the UNO_ControlCenter Editor (Google it).


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I’ve been searching for a tutorial and I haven’t been able to find anything. I’m a novice on this FCB1010. A few years ago I was able to set the controller with bias fx but since then I haven’t messed with the controller. The gcx manual states it uses midi channel 16 only. Loop one is set to #80 and so on. Any help on this would be great. I sorry if I’ve overlooked the answer here but I have been searching. Thanks in advance