My Sysex Gift

Freqrider Miles

Welcome to our new home everyone! Here’s a little welcoming gift for you all. 

My setup, as follows:

Banks 00-03 are 40 Program changes on Midi Channel 1. I use these to control my software synth presets in Ableton, etc...

Banks 04-06 are 30 Program changes on Midi Channel 2. I use these to control my Amplitube presets.

Bank 07 is set up as STOMPBOXES, pedals 1-10. I prefer having 10 stomp box pedals on 1 bank rather than splitting the stomps over 19 banks.

Banks 08-09 are Note Information so I can use the FCB as a Bass Pedal. 

Pedals A and B are configured to send CC information, Modulation and Volume, respectively.

Here’s a snapshot of my setup, if you wish to configure it manually or visually see how the sysex is configured.

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