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Before coffee?

I've overlooked that there should've been something in between the

The TriggerClick/Release did the trick.

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend!

Am 18.07.2020 um 16:26 schrieb David Grosz via

Bpy ypu Helix guys are picky
Ok the Presets in Bank 2 did not do anything because nothing was defined, they are defined at the bottom of the program.  Note 1 thru 5 is like this
PRESET 001 =
   SendMidi Helix ProgChange 001
Now if you want more functions than just a preset they would be added between the curly things, but if as in this case you just want to change one thing like a preset than you can do it this way as in 6-10
PRESET 006 = SendMidi Helix ProgChange 006
PRESET 007 = SendMidi Helix ProgChange 007
PRESET 008 = SendMidi Helix ProgChange 008
PRESET 009 = SendMidi Helix ProgChange 009
PRESET 010 = SendMidi Helix ProgChange 010

you can the values of the program change to whatever preset you want. om the Helix
As for the Tuner I believe changing it to a Trigger Click will turn it off when you increase the volume pedal

TRIGGER_CLICK tuner = SendMidi Helix CtrlChange 68 127
TRIGGER_RELEASE tuner = SendMidi Helix CtrlChange 68 0
Now note that I used a lower case t in tuner as you can define a name once and Tuner is defined as an effect
Now the 2 pictures below show an example of a complicated Preset using multiple gear and in your case as long as you don't add them in a preset somewhere they will stay the way they are when FCB1010 was powered up, which is pretty cool as before they had to be in every preset that they were used in
Ok wow all this before coffee so load this pdf in the editor and set the PC's to what you want and you should be good to go.  I also added the Tuner to Bank 3 switch 1 so you can see a blank bank.  If you hit return all the way to the right it should make Bank 4 and so on

On Saturday, July 18, 2020, 3:11:48 AM PDT, toko42 <toko42@...> wrote:

Hello Dave,

I just uploaded your setup and the CC#s work fine including the heelswitch.

The order of the setup blocks is not clearly defined in the manual but
now I have a VERY good starting point (not to say that you have already
done most of the work!).

Right now I can see only two things which don't work how I'd expected them:

- I guess I can't use the UP/DOWN switches to switch presets (+/-1)?
- I have to move the pedal again to get out of tuner mode which probably
works as designed.
- If I switch to bank 2 I can't switch the presets.

Thank you VERY much for your help!
I was really stuck!

Best regards


Am 16.07.2020 um 20:11 schrieb David Grosz via

Ok, way to many things going on to try and answer your question so what I did is take your above idea and just programmed it with my editor and sent the pdf attached below of what your after.  So what happens basically is there is an order the editor wants to go in, and once you start a line you will get the red bar until the line is correct so that is normal, and you should not proceed until that line is ok.  Now if you have the red bar you must correct the line it does not like or everything else you do could be wrong and you won't know because it is showing you the first fault.

Now I do not know how the Helix does its assignments but in the case of the pedals I assigned them in the Initialization so both pedals will stay active as long as that is all you want to use them for.  So I used your values for the Volume pedal (nice idea on the tuner heal switch) but for the toe switch for the wah I used CC 97 which is the # for the wah block in an Axe-Fx so you will need to correct CC 97 to whatever Helix uses.  Now again not sure about how Helix does it but expression pedals in the Axe-Fx are external controller 1-12 and are assigned like wah on EXT 1, volume on Ext 2, whammy on Ext 3 or whatever you might want but the effect is separate in regards of the toe switch for the wah it is assigned to a pedal within the Axe-Fx but the effect is is a separate switch or using the auto-engage function in the Axe-Fx.

As it relates to your Helix you should be ready to go copy and paste the attached pdf into your editor and send to your RCB1010.  I used values given above in your post but if you use what I sent you as a template it should help get you going

Also note that right clicks for copy/paste do not function in the editor but using Control c for copy and Control v for paste does work

So let me know how this goes


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