Re: Help neede programming Uno2 chip with FCB1010

David Grosz

So here is the deal you need to write down what you want to happen when you press a button.
So I have included a pic of a complex preset which in reality is not the way I would do this but I
made this preset more complicated than it really should be as a test.  So in your case you have
a DESS Audio TW-EX (MIDI Looper/Switcher) doing your amp channel switching and your effects
loop switching and your Whammy should be in a loop switching but the midi is separate thing

So here is your setup:

-DESS Audio TW-EX (MIDI Looper/Switcher)            This needs its own midi channel you made it 2

Digitech Whammy                                                       This needs its own midi channel and you made it 3

TC Electronic G-Major 1                                              this needs its own midi channel and you made it 4

-Mesa Rectifier Recording Preamp                             This is switched using CC messages 10 and 11
                                                                                    via midi channel 2    ( they are connected to the TW-EX)

Stompboxes:                                                                Each stomp box is connected to a specific loop and has
                                                                                     its own CC on/off                                                

Whammy 4,
TS9,                                  CC 1
Phase 45,                         CC 2
Phase 90 Script,               CC 3
Phase 90 Block,               CC 4
Phase 100,                       CC 5
Boss CE5,                        CC 6
Carbon Copy                    CC 7
Whammy 4                                                            The Whammy needs to have its own loop or you control it directly from the pedal
                                                                              itself but that is just for the guitar signal the midi needs its own channel
Mesa Clean                    CC 10
Meas Dirt                        CC 11

So now you hook up midi cables so FCB out to midi in on G Major
Then midi thru of G Major to midi in of the TW-EX
Then the TW-EX midi thru or out to the midi in of the Whammy

The Whammy 4 needs to be last in the chain because it does not have a midi out jack

So here is where it gets sketchy you need midi thru which it takes any midi messages on the midi in
and passes it straight to the midi thru jack where as some units do not send incoming midi data to the
midi out unless its mapped within the unit which you do not want to do if not necessary

Its possible you may need something like the Midi Solutions Quadra Thru box where it takes the input
from the FCB and sends it out to up to 4 devices so its 1 cable from that box to each device but try
what I suggested above but for now get the TW-EX working first and go from there

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 11:53:34 AM PDT, David Grosz via <davidgrosz2205@...> wrote:

Well first thing you do not need any midi in to the FCB only midi out and then in out to other devices so try out of FCB to your loop switcher and make sure switcher channel is set correctly on both the FCB and the switcher.  It is something simple and if the FCB has the correct setting the device wants it's going to work

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 11:19 AM, Abosaur
<simon.lucciani@...> wrote:
Allright folks,

Dumb alert...
What I suspect to have happened is a MIDI feedback (kinda). Everything worked properly as soon as I unplugged the FCB1010's MIDI in.
I just have to understand why I can't simultaneously switch my amp and the TS9, as it turn on and off the CCs sort of randomly, sometimes the TS9, sometimes the amp switching, and fix the Exp. Pedal 1 Whammy remote controling, which isn't working too (I suspect a bad SWEEPS location on my programmation).

I can't thank you enough, especially David for helping me.
This is how I've programmed my setup, if you want to take a look.

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