Re: Help neede programming Uno2 chip with FCB1010

David Grosz

Good news and going forward give it some thought as to what you want to do such as the
expression pedals which I would think would be used with the G Major to control some things
but the UnO2 chip makes the FCB1010 I think one of the best midi controllers around, well outside
the one I am designing but without a doubt the best value and features short of spending over
1000.00 dollars, but the cost of a new FCB1010 and the 50.00 for the UnO2 chip nothing comes
close and to me the features of having the virtual toe and heel switching is worth the 50.00 dollars
on its own.

So when you have some ideas on what you want to happen when you press a button hit me up and
I can help you with the editor

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 1:48:58 PM PDT, Abosaur <simon.lucciani@...> wrote:

That definitely solved my problem, everything works properly now !
I really wasn’t aware that could be such an issue.

The Whammy needed to be plugged in the TW-EX Midi Thru, and I inserted a short delay between the TS9/amp switching commands, and I’m finally able to switch the amp on the dirt channel with the TS9 working, hooray!

I just need to go further programming my setup, thanks again David, you really helped me getting the programming stuff right with your pdf!

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