Re: New to FCB1010 - anyone programmed already for Line6 Helix Native?

David Grosz

It is simply a matter of PC & CC messages as far as the FCB is concerned and the pedals must be programmed for every button
unless you have the UnO2 chip.

So with that said you can do the switches however you want so if you want PC messages on 1-5 and CC or snap shots on row
6-10 then thats how you do it.  I'm not totally familiar with how Line6 works (I'm a Fractal guy) but you may also program one switch
that sends PC 12 & CC 32, 127 together so it is not simply PC or CC for each switch.

When using the CC message it is followed by a value with 127 being on and 0 being off.  So you need to make a list for what you want
to happen when you press a switch and then program the switches accordingly.  That also means you need to know what the Line6 is
expecting for that function which is either a PC or a CC or both.  Once you know what you want to happen when you press a switch
then programming the switch becomes easier.

As for pedals, what happens is each switch has 5 PC, 2 CC, 1 Note and the 2 expression pedals assigned to it so when you press a switch it also changes the pedal so with the Axe Fx it can have 12 external controllers so I can have  a volume pedal, a wah pedal, a
whammy pedal, a flange speed and so forth so each of these could be assigned their own controller number. 
External 1 = CC16, val 0-127, External 2 is CC17, val 0-127 and so forth so when you select a switch it CAN or not change the pedals
also.  So the pedals need to be set to do whatever you want them to do when you press a given switch and bank.

With the UnO2 chip you could assign the pedals once upon power up to be just a volume and wah and they stay that way but the stock
chip and regular UnO chip you need to program the pedals for each switch

And lastly whatever the chip you have GET THE EDITOR that goes with the chip because its easier and faster but more importantly
it is easier to trouble shoot if something is not working as expected.  Remember midi is not rocket science it works if you set it correctly
and it will only send the message type you program it to send.

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 5:56:32 AM PST, ok@... <ok@...> wrote:

Hi, I'm totally new to the FCB1010 with Uno and would be very thankful if someone could give me hints how to programm it for use with Line6 Helix Native in the Preset/Snapshot mode like on the Helix Floor. That means 1 bank up / 1 bank down, upper row preset 1-4, lower row snapshot 1-4, the remaining two for mode and tap. Oh, the pedals Exp1+2. 

No need to do it for me, I prefer to do it by myself, but would take every hint I could get ;-)
Thanks a lot. Sorry if this already exists somewhere but didnt find

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