Re: Unable to buy UNO2

Jack Fenton

My pleasure.  I'm thinking I might be like most users that just gave up when the test failed.  If I had not belonged to this group, I probably would never have circled back to reconsider a purchase.  I'm hoping I will like it better than my current 1.0.4 setup (which is much better than the stock chip as well). 

I have another unit running EurekaProm 3, which I like because I don't have to program it and if I want total control I use external software and put it in IO mode  which lets me program all the LED's as well. IO mode allows for total control but there is no "smarts" in the FCB1010 so requires an external box (I use BomeBox).  The problem with the other modes is they do not have a momentary CC mode so I can't do, for instance a sustain pedal.

Anyway, looking forward to Uno 2!

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