Re: Presets programming with Uno2 Control Centre


A UnO2 setup can contain presets, effects, and triggers.
- An effect does have exactly 2 states: ON or OFF, you specify MIDI messages for the ON state and for the OFF state, the switch LED shows the current state (ON or OFF)
- A trigger can be used for 2 different things : 
1) as a momentary effect (like a sustain pedal) for which you specify MIDI messages for the CLICK action and for the RELEASE action
2) as a trigger for a certain action, in which case you most probably want to send MIDI messages for the CLICK action only, not for the RELEASE action
The LED of a trigger switch is only ON for the time you are pressing the switch.
- A preset typically will send MIDI commands on the CLICK action, but just for the sake of completeness you can also specify MIDI commands for the RELEASE action if you want
The LED of the currently active preset switch remains ON until you select a different preset.

If you want to control 3 or more stages with 1 switch, you will have to rely on a data variable for which you can change the value from 1 to 2 to 3 (or more) on each click, and then send different MIDI messages depending on that value. 
You would typically use a "trigger" switch for that, because the switch LED cannot indicate more than 2 states, therefore you can as well leave the LED off, which is the behavior of a trigger switch.
Hope that explains things better. 

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