Re: Uno 2 and Ableton Live #UnO2


...since there aren't any specific guidelines for Ableton, I'm finding it hard to make progress.
There aren't any specific guides because a.) Ableton is very flexible and has a lot of different included instruments, all of which can be customized in many different ways, and b.) There are at least hundreds of other plugins that would need their own setups, and can also be customized by Ableton's included effects and functions.

But, basically, you can get started pretty simply.  First, set the all of the FCB's MIDI channels to something that isn't '1'  and isn't being used for other devices (if you haven't already).  This will keep it from interfering with other MIDI devices or sounding a note by accident.  Now, just to start, program all the foot switches to send a different note.  Program the expression pedals:  Pick two CC numbers, depending on what you want to control.  CC 07 is, by default, used for main volume.  20-31 and 66-77 are the largest undefined blocks - so feel free to use those for anything you like. If you don't have any other MIDI devices, you can pretty much choose any number from 0-127.

Then just use MIDI Assign in Ableton to set up your foot switches and the pedals.  The simple Note messages will, by default, turn a control on with one push, and turn it off with the next.  Of course, pretty soon you'll come across something that needs a more complicated control.  At this point you'll want to read carefully through the whole UnO2 Manual so you can program toggles, multiple commands per button press, and many other things.

It really is amazingly flexible.  If you have a particular set of plugins and/or instruments you use regularly, you could post that setup and ask for help setting the pedal up for it.

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