Re: Using BandHelper to control banks/patches on the FCB

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That serves me right for assuming…. I was sure that the FCB could accept a bank change from another device, however if it’s a MIDI THRU only device than I can work around it…

My impression was that Band Helper could send the Bank/Preset to the FCB and in turn, the FCB makes the patch change.

Maybe Tiny Box will do what I want.


However, I guess I could have the best of both worlds and get Band Helper to make the changes for me, then I could override anything with the FCB…

The system works at the moment except for the Band Helper integration.


Thanks for your input

Kind Regards,

Shayne Harris


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Sent: Tuesday, 23 February 2021 4:35 PM
Subject: Re: [fcb1010_uno] Using BandHelper to control banks/patches on the FCB


It looks to me like the FCB/UNO2 simply acts as a "MIDI THRU" device, and "SENDS" on whatever CHANNEL the device you want to control "listens" on per this line in the code:

CHANNEL DeviceName = X

With three devices, it might look like this:




Unfortunately, your incoming Program Change messages are passed through to whatever Device is listening on the sending device's Channel.

IOW - If your UNO2 is configured as above, and if you send a PC message from Band Helper on Channel 1, the PC message will be passed thru to the OD200.
Whatever PC message you send does nothing to the FCB/UNO2, as it doesn't react to PC messages, it only SENDS them. Sending a PC# to the FCB/UNO2 does not trigger the FCB/UNO to send the contents of that Preset, it just passes what is sent. It also seems immune to LSB/MSB Bank Change messages.

There may be a way to do what I think you're wanting to do, but I'm not far enough along with UNO2 to know if that is true.


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